Organizations across the globe invest more that
$50 billion annually on testing
yet continue to face issues with
software failures
budget overruns and rollout delays

On-demand testing
can lower overall costs by
anywhere between 10 and 30%
and in some cases can be
brought down by
as much as 75%

Our success is intrinsically liked with the
strength of our clients,
leading to a strong partnership
built on superior service,
transparency and loyalty

We have
diverse domain knowledge,
strong industry experience and proven end-to-end
delivery management expertise

Welcome to Kodenemo

We are a customer-centric, global technology product and services company. We harness innovation, diverse domain knowledge, possess substantial industry experience and have proven end-to-end delivery management expertise to build products that contribute and help build our clients’ success.

As a company, we have a strong commitment to sustainability and corporate ethics and values. Together, we innovate and find new ways to build a better and a bolder new future.

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